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Yeah, that is sad. It could be a supply problem. Every time I shop for groceries it seems like I can't find half the stuff I need. I had to buy these expensive-ass brioche bagels for breakfast since they were out of regular ones. I mean, they're good, but they're not enough better to justify the price. We have a gyro guy here who is from Athens, but I haven't been in a while.
Awww that's disappointing! I made Italian beef in my crockpot last week and I'm pretty sure it was better than any Chicago style restaurant so :P As for work's good to be wanted but some of the attention can just be annoying. I check in with LinkedIn usually less than once a week, and always have messages from people who see my title "Chief Administrative Officer" and mistakenly think it MEANS something, lol (basically it just means I have a LOT of freedom!).
I did not know that, but it sounds like a great reason to get out of work! That said, put down the superglue, go sit in a corner and think about what you've done. Since you can't text anybody about it. *snicker*
Speaking of health woes, did you know that if you spill superglue on your hands and have to scrub it off with massive amounts of soap, water, and a foot file, your fingerprint unlock function on your phone or work computer won't work? (So I've heard.)
When Emily was in college, the Summer of the Pandemic, MIT was offering free online classes in various areas. Emily took a class about equity in the classroom. Students that passed got a certificate. So yes I tell people she’s MIT-certified.
I had a nice little surprise, workwise. I found some free certifications you could earn online, so I found one related to what I do (search engine optimization) and went through all the training and earned the cert. So I sent a copy of the cert to my manager and said, "Hey I got this cert." Next thing I know he's posted it on the company slack channel and everyone's congratulating me. (And I BARELY passed it, but I'm still certified, or maybe "certifiable.")
Yeah, mine was still negative. It's just a really bad cold. David kept trying to get me to do a dr's appointment...saying I shouldn't still be this sick after 6 days. Dude, colds last 7-14 days. I'm miserable, but I just have to wait it out. I just got the $1300+ bill for my 4 hour ER visit (with no diagnosis!), so I'm not super eager to be racking up more medical bills for no reason.
I'm that way with OKRs because I have looked it up repeatedly, yet all I can think of is okra. But, as with a lot of corporate bullshit jargon, you can usually survive by doing exactly what you did.
Beautifully written Steve
FIFA is a crime syndicate, basically. Extremely corrupt. After he first ran for Congress, Jon Ossoff was the CEO of a documentary production company which produced a documentary called “Betraying The Game” about the football association of Ghana. That film basically took down the enter organization and forced a lot of resignations and restructuring.

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